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Practice Schedule

Our racing 2022 season has ended and regular scheduled practice is on hold until further notice.

New Paddlers (Novice)

Information coming soon.

New to outrigger and interested paddling? Send us an email to:

Please remember:

- Masks are optional, but at times will be required while we are on land

   when science programs are in session.

While at the site, if you need to cough/sneeze, cover your mouth with 

   the crook of your elbow.

If you are not feeling well, do not come to practice, STAY HOME.

- Always show up early to help with canoes.

- Dress appropriately for all types of weather, think layers. This is a  

   water sport and you will get wet.

- Bring proper hydration and food for a 2 hour practice.

- Help clean and return canoes and equipment.

- Keep our site clean. Dispose of trash in bins or take home

  for disposal. 


Joel Munar, Head Coach

· Brendan Lam                          

· Nathan Lau                                      

· Ron Garcia                             

· Lisa Bie

· Archie Bie     

· Micheliene Nguyen

· Eric Nguyen

Ho‘okahi ka ‘ilau like ana

Wield the paddles together

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