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Located in Redwood City, California, Kilohana’s paddling family, or ohana, is proud of its diverse membership of different ages, backgrounds, and abilities. Everyone who joins this club will experience the unique Kilohana style of team spirit, athleticism, competitiveness, and fun. 

Our canoe race venues span the San Francisco Bay Area, Monterey Bay, Sacramento, and Lake Tahoe. 

In addition to the NCOCA-sanctioned canoe races, our club competes in races located in Southern California, including Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and the greater Los Angeles area. Outrigger canoeing season in Northern California usually begins in February and continues through the month of October. Six-man outrigger canoe (V-6) long distance races begin in May, followed by the NCOCA sprint regattas through July, and then long distances races resume until September. During the the fall and winter, many paddlers participate in the Wave Chaser Series races with V-1 and V-2 outrigger canoes. 

Every year, select crews of our most competitive paddlers also compete in outrigger canoe races in Hawai’i. These challenging races are the ones our most athletic and experienced paddlers look forward to, especially the Moloka’i Hoe for the men and the Na Wahine ‘O Ke Kai for the women. Racing across the Kai’wi channel from Moloka’i to Oahu–a distance of over 40 miles–is the world championships of outrigger canoeing. 


Dip your paddle in

Our Wa'a

There are many traditions and customs surrounding the sport of outrigger canoeing. Many of these are based on the Hawaiian tradition of aloha, spirit, respect for your teammates, equipment, customs of the sport, and safety on and off the water. Our Wa’a (canoe) are considered part of the family and always treated with the utmost respect.


“To Excel, Superior” – Bradley Racer #51

Maika'i Uhane

“Beautiful Spirit” – Malia #53


“New Beginning” – Unlimited #151


"To sprout forth" – Gemini OC2


“Breath of Heaven” – M2 #137

Maka Koa

“Bold Warrior” – Bradley Racer #138


A Hawaiian Flower referenced in a Love Story – Unlimited #153


“To Soar, Glide” – Bradley Racer #55

Ka Makana ia Makou Imua

“Gift” – Mirage #136


Honoring Uncle Frank – Unlimited #152


“Royal Hawaiian Rock Sled” – Gemini OC2

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